Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Check out our blog post to discover why we use dental X-rays to take pictures of your mouth, if they are safe, and how they help us care for your oral health. Contact us with more questions about our dental technology, procedures, or services.

4 Reasons to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Calling all pet parents! Read our blog post to discover why you should brush your pet’s teeth every day. Care for your own teeth to keep them in “paw-sitively” “purr-fect” condition—contact us to schedule your next visit to our office.

Types of Chewing Gum That Are Good for Teeth

People chew gum for all sorts of reasons: boredom, fresh breath, flavor, and bubble-blowing qualities. Read our blog post to discover an abridged history of chewing gum, the benefits of sugar-free gum, and which gum products have earned the ADA’s seal of approval. Contact our office for more dental tips!

What Foods Are Healthy For My Teeth?

Check out our blog post for a list of foods that are great for your teeth. Sugar and acidic foods can be harmful to your oral health. Eat a diet rich in tooth-friendly foods for powerful health benefits. Call to join our dental family and let us help you have a healthy smile for a lifetime!

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